Bramernic Consulting is a small Internet and Web Services company with many years' experience in the industry and a strong desire to provide a top quality service.

We provide the complete Internet service, including domain name registration, a business quality web hosting service, website design using the latest technologies and ongoing support ensuring that your site is working as hard as it can for your business.

Our databases are hosted on separate servers that are specifically tuned for database access, leaving our web servers to concentrate on serving web pages.

We also provide a business-quality email service with virus checking and spam filtering, exchange mailboxes, auto-forwarders and standard POP3 mailboxes.

We specialise in designing fast-loading websites that are search engine friendly, meaning that your site appears higher up the results lists when people search for your keywords.

We are also willing to host sites designed by other people, for instance where they are based overseas while the target audience is UK based. We have particular expertise dealing with BluDomain who sell fully editable flash websites for creative professionals, for example, wedding photographers.